Inspection and Certification

AGRECO offers a inspection- and certification system for organisations and groups of smallholders. This system is based on the respective EU-guidelines. More information can be found here:


Merkblatt Gruppenzertifizierung - Internes Kontrollsystem

Information sheet Organic Beekeeping

The control and certification procedure




AGRECO Application Form

Reporting obligations in case of residue findings in organic products

In the following we have summarised for you the most important points concerning the notification of residue findings (e.g. of plant protection products, storage protection products, heavy metals etc.) in organic products:


  • In case of an existing suspicion or an already detected irregularity, the inspection body must be informed immediately and not only at the annual inspection date.
  • The notification obligation for the inspection bodies is 15 days after the detection of the irregularity for a timely notification via the OFIS system (Organic Farming Information System) of the EU Commission. The date of the most recent analysis report is decisive.
  • It is necessary that the reference between the sampling protocol, the analysis report and the sampled product or batch, lot or other reference can be established.
  • The current status of the goods (blocked/already sold) must also be transmitted to us.


Please refer to the letter from the BLE dated 28.04.2020.

Please report your residue cases to info(at)agrecogmbh(dot)de


We thank you in advance for your cooperation!
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Objections, complaints and appeals

AGRECO has a process regulation for handling objections, complaints and appeals.

Objections, complaints and appeals can be forwarded by telephone, fax, postal mail or electronic mail.

Appeals against evaluation or certification decisions of AGRECO must be forwarded in written form to AGRECO within four weeks after reception, either by postal or electronic mail or be dictated personally in order to be recorded.

Third parties may also present objections or complaints against AGRECO or against one of AGRECO’s clients. We comply with your wish of confidentiality and assure, that your information will not be forwarded to others. However, we have to ask for your name, address and your contact data, in order to secure the reliability of your notice. Please consider, that we have to comply with data-protection rules in respect to the data of our clients. On the other hand, in certain cases AGRECO is obliged to report to the relevant authorities for organic agriculture in the respective country resp. federal state.

We also accept requests concerning the obligation of operators to submit themselves to the organic control system. If there is a doubt, whether an operator is subject to the control system, this can be verified in the “ list of companies”. In case you would like to give us some information on operators, that are not part of the organic control system, we will forward them to the authority in charge.

Please contact us here:


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37218 Witzenhausen-Gertenbach

Telephone: +49 (0) 5542 - 4044
Telefax: +49 (0) 5542 - 6540
E-Mail: info(at)agrecogmbh(dot)de

If you call us, please mention, that you want to file a complaint / objection and name the respective operator. We will then redirect you to the person in charge or to our quality manager.