List of companies inspected by AGRECO


AGRECO has a long standing experience in inspecting and certifying organic production worldwide.

On the following pages you can find information on companies and projects inspected by AGRECO.


NOTICE: According to Regulation (EC) N° 1235/2008, art. 11 paragraph 3 (e) a certification body has to publish a list of operators subject to the control system. With the list generated here AGRECO, xx-BIO-151, fulfills this legal requirement. Please choose a category on the left side.

It shall be of service to inform business partners, consumers and competent authorities within the legally set framework, only. Any commercial use of data by any user of this list is prohibited and will be subject of prosecution by AGRECO if revealed.



  • A listing of an operator in the AGRECO list only confirms that he was subject to the control system as a certified operator acc. to the AGRECO-STANDARD at time of publishing of the list.
  • A listing never replaces the obligation of the business partners to check the legitimacy of the partner to supply products with organic indication on basis of a valid certification based on a documentary evidence equivalent to Art. 29 Regulation (EC) N° 834/2007, at time of delivery.
  • A listing does not suspend the duty of a business partner to control incoming goods equivalent to art. 33 in context with art. 31, 32 and 34 Regulation (EC) N° 889/2008, in particular, to check the organic indication and code N° on delivery note/invoice and product label, at time of reception.
  • A listing is no guarantee that deliveries of a listed operator meet the requirements of the AGRECO-STANDARD at any time. This is in the sole responsibility of the supplier himself. AGRECO rejects any liability to that respect as well as AGRECO refuses any liability in case of improper use of a listing.